An Infinite Possibilities Empowerment Program

for Superwomen Who Got Distracted
by the Minutia of Saving the World

$79/month - Register by December 31, 2017
$99/month - Register on/after January 1, 2018

(Pilot Program Rates)
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You're a strong, intelligent woman with a big heart. In fact, your heart is so big, you wish you could save the world - and you actually try to. Only problem, somewhere along the way you got distracted by the minutia of either.... caring for everyone else that you've lost sight of what matters most to you. You don't feel you have the time or energy to do what you want to do and if you did, where do you even begin at this point?? Achieving your big goals is so overwhelming because you just don't know how, that you fall into 2nd place by default. However it happened, 1 thing is for sure - you're a hard worker, but tired of trying so hard and feeling like you're not making much progress. 
Learn how using the wisdom of your head and heart will help you move into 1st place in your own life, allowing you to create a life that gives back to you as much as you give to others. 
Your thoughts become things ... but your heart powers it all.
In this interactive, online group coaching program, you'll learn how your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, actions and more all impact the degree and rate at which your desires manifest. How would it feel for you to finally have the clarity and confidence to do that thing you really want to do? What if you could strengthen relationships between you and others because you finally understand the value of your emotions and how energy flows? Or what would it be like to simply experience more overall inner peace because you learned how to heal the past? How do we accomplish any of this and more? By taking time to focus on you 1st. You already know there's a link between your thoughts, beliefs and actions and that they have an impact on your life, in general. I will show you how they're your most powerful tools to release the past; embrace your present; and deliberately create your desired future. Gain courage, confidence and clarity as you learn how to manifest change in your own life and the world around you. You were born with these tools. I will show you how they work together in a dedicated, safe, supportive environment that is all about believing in YOU and the infinite possibilities for your life.

* Take time for you
* Understand your own power to effect change
* Increased positive thoughts and self talk
* Understand the value of your emotions
* Trusting your intuition becomes easier
* Taking action becomes more fun
* More ease and flow in your life
* Manifest desires more quickly
* Make new friends
* More inner peace
* More joy

This workshop is partly based on the New York Times Bestselling Book Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams by Mike Dooley (Notes from the Universe, Featured in "The Secret").
Begins January 2018
* 3 Live Sessions / Month + 2 Bonus Sessions = 20 Total
* Inspiration + Structured Learning + Q&A Sessions
* All Sessions Recorded
* Facebook Group​​​

* PDF Workbook & Handouts Included

$79/month - Register by December 31, 2017
$99/month - Register on/after January 1, 2018

(Pilot Program Rates)
Inspiration + Structured Learning + Q&A Sessions
14 Sessions on the following topics + 6 Q&A Sessions

Thoughts Become Things
Transitions & Transformations
Power of Your Beliefs
Visioning & Goal Setting
Emotions - Energy in Motion
Courage, Risks & Rewards
Taking Action
Preventing Self Sabotage
Intuition, Dreams, Desires
Your Strengths & Talents
Trust & Faith - In Self & Others
Confident & Authentic YOU
The Leader in You
Life Purpose & Moving Forward
Presented by Kim O'Neill, ACC
* Certified Infinite Possibilities (IP) Trainer
* Certified ICF and Law of Attraction Coach
* BBS Radio Host - "Every Day is a New Day" Show
* Amazon Bestselling Co-Author of Positive Minded People book
* Reiki Master Practitioner
* Volunteer Youth Mentor
* Former Crime Analyst

MY MISSION is to support you in rediscovering and reclaiming your power through knowing there's an easier way to do everything in life - but it all starts by giving to yourself first.
Inspiration * Insights * Coaching * Space for YOU * 2018 is YOUR Year.
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